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Episode 239-Flying High with guest M.E.D

Everything about M.E.D.’s demeanor says he’s just one of the homies. Despite sharing track space with bonafide rap legends he comes across chill and down to earth. On this weeks episode of the Dad Bod Rap Pod hosts Demone Carter, David Ma, and Nate LeBlanc talk to M.E.D. about working with hip hop royalty like Madlib and MF Doom as well as his new collaborative project LMD with LMNO and Declaime.

During the intro segment Demone and Dave talk about the winds of controversy surrounding Madlib, Egon, and MF DOOM’s rhyme book. They also ponder dream Madlib collaborations we have yet to hear.

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Episode 238-Rap Therapy w/ guest Louis Logic

Once an interview starts you are never really sure where its going to go. Some artist can be understandably closed and guarded preferring to only talk about themselves in terms of their artistry. In a handful of cases an artist gives us a window into their personal journey. This week’s conversation with Louis Logic is one of those interviews. After gaining traction in the early/mid aughts and working with legends like MF DOOM Louis Logic seemingly fell off the rap radar for several years. He fills us in on some of the dark times he faced and how he got his life back on track after struggling with alcohol and drug problems. He rounds off the interview by talking about the exciting new projects he is working on.

In the intro segment hosts David Ma and Demone Carter share their reflection on the incendiary new piece written by Jayson Buford entitled “The Painful Mediocrity of White Boy Rap” The Dad Bods also delve into the new double album releases by Ka.

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Dad Bod Rap Pod is a hip-hop discussion podcast based out of San Jose, CA. Our three hosts are lifelong rap fans who approach the art form of hip-hop through the lens of their lived experience. Demone Carter p.k.a DEM ONE is an MC with a long line of releases and collaborations stretching back to the 90’s including group The New Math with BOOKS ONE and has collaborated with artists including D-Styles and Motion Man. David Ma is a writer, editor, and journalist whose work has appeared in publications like Wax Poetics, The Guardian, Red Bull Music Academy, and is the founder of audioblog nerdtorious.com. Nate LeBlanc is a record collector who worked as the hip-hop buyer of a record store for years and founded the Dig Dug listening party and record swap and has published articles on obscure music on a variety of platforms but mostly on nerdtorious. New Episodes every Thursday at noon-ish PST. Follow us on Twitter for polite retweets and the occasional hot take @dadbodrapdod


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