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Episode 145- A Gondelman-esque Compliment Fest with guest Josh Gondelman

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Every year Dad Bod Rap Pod does something slightly different for these holiday episodes. One year we did a radio-style music mix, the next we told stories from our personal lives, and this year we have a positive, fun conversation about some music that we love with a very special guest. Josh Gondelman is a beloved Twitter institution, a gifted stand up comedian, author of the book Nice Try and a writer and executive producer on Desus & Mero. Josh joined us for a conversation about things we love: The song Bubblz by Anti-Pop Consortium, the Music of MF DOOM, rap songs about everyday life, and the Method Man & Redman album Blackout! We sincerely hope that you enjoy this episode and maybe look to revisit some of the music discussed. It has been and will continue to be a rough year for a wide variety of reasons, but we are sincerely thankful for everyone who listens to DBRP, which is part of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.

Episode 145- A Gondelman-esque Compliment Fest with guest Josh Gondelman

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Episode 144- Lyric Jones Interview

This week the fellas interview an artist who just released a breakthrough album, Lyric Jones. Her new album Closer Than They Appear was recently released to critical acclaim. Lyric has an interesting backstory, as she is a talented singer, drummer, and classically trained musician who has been making moves in hip-hop for a while. Catching the ear of Little Brother’s Phonte Coleman eventually led to this new album’s creation. The fellas also discuss some near-classic rap albums, Sesame Street, and proper beard length. Beats this week are by Spectacular Diagnostics and we appreciate the submission. DBRP is brought to you by the Stony Island Audio network.

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Dad Bod Rap Pod is a hip-hop discussion podcast based out of San Jose, CA. Our three hosts are lifelong rap fans who approach the art form of hip-hop through the lens of their lived experience. Demone Carter p.k.a DEM ONE is an MC with a long line of releases and collaborations stretching back to the 90’s including group The New Math with BOOKS ONE and has collaborated with artists including D-Styles and Motion Man. David Ma is a writer, editor, and journalist whose work has appeared in publications like Wax Poetics, The Guardian, Red Bull Music Academy, and is the founder of audioblog nerdtorious.com. Nate LeBlanc is a record collector who worked as the hip-hop buyer of a record store for years and founded the Dig Dug listening party and record swap and has published articles on obscure music on a variety of platforms but mostly on nerdtorious. New Episodes every Thursday at noon-ish PST. Follow us on Twitter for polite retweets and the occasional hot take @dadbodrapdod


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