Episode 239-Flying High with guest M.E.D

//Episode 239-Flying High with guest M.E.D

Episode 239-Flying High with guest M.E.D

Everything about M.E.D.’s demeanor says he’s just one of the homies. Despite sharing track space with bonafide rap legends he comes across chill and down to earth. On this weeks episode of the Dad Bod Rap Pod hosts Demone Carter, David Ma, and Nate LeBlanc talk to M.E.D. about working with hip hop royalty like Madlib and MF Doom as well as his new collaborative project LMD with LMNO and Declaime.

During the intro segment Demone and Dave talk about the winds of controversy surrounding Madlib, Egon, and MF DOOM’s rhyme book. They also ponder dream Madlib collaborations we have yet to hear.

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