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Episode 139- with guest MC Paul Barman

This week we focus in on the idiosyncratic rap stylings of MC Paul Barman. We’ve been following Paul’s career since his life-changing collaboration with venerable producer Prince Paul in 2000. Paul’s intricately written rhymes have consistently improved over the course of many releases and he is one of hip-hop’s most unique characters. We were very pleased to speak with Paul and he proved himself to be a wily and active participant in the conversation. So please sit back and enjoy this slightly off-beat interview and some discussion and analysis of Paul’s place in hip-hop culture and a bit of talk about some recent live-streamed performances we enjoyed. Beats for this week’s show were submitted by Small Professor, who has a collaboration with MCPB dropping soon. Dad Bod Rap Pod is a proud part of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.

Episode 139- with guest MC Paul Barman

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Episode 138.5- I Can See Alaska From My House

Surprise mini-episode where DBRP producer and co-host Nate LeBlanc interviews friend of the program Alaska about his past and present as an indie MC and member of groups Atoms Family and Hangar 18. Alaska is the co-host of our fellow indie hip-hop podcast Call Out Culture and has a new album with his partner in that show Zilla Rocca as group Cargo Cults. Their new album Nihilist Millennial features Zilla’s beats and Alaska’s raps. We close this show with a cut “Rammellzee” from the album, which is available on their crew Wrecking Crew’s Bandcamp. Beats from the Atoms Family era by Cryptic One. DBRP is a Stony Island Audio podcast.

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Dad Bod Rap Pod is a hip-hop discussion podcast based out of San Jose, CA. Our three hosts are lifelong rap fans who approach the art form of hip-hop through the lens of their lived experience. Demone Carter p.k.a DEM ONE is an MC with a long line of releases and collaborations stretching back to the 90’s including group The New Math with BOOKS ONE and has collaborated with artists including D-Styles and Motion Man. David Ma is a writer, editor, and journalist whose work has appeared in publications like Wax Poetics, The Guardian, Red Bull Music Academy, and is the founder of audioblog nerdtorious.com. Nate LeBlanc is a record collector who worked as the hip-hop buyer of a record store for years and founded the Dig Dug listening party and record swap and has published articles on obscure music on a variety of platforms but mostly on nerdtorious. New Episodes every Thursday at noon-ish PST. Follow us on Twitter for polite retweets and the occasional hot take @dadbodrapdod


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