Episode 15- The New Style / Death To Throwback

We may be gentlemen of a certain age, but that [...]

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Episode 14- Rooftop Like We Bringing 88 Back

Today we're digging deep in to the past to talk [...]

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Episode 13- White Guilt Rap / Rappers We Love To Hate

This week we explore the odd and probably unnecessary sub-genre [...]

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Episode 11- Hip Hop at the Movies with Cutso

Our good friend, DJ and producer extraordinaire Cutso (The Bangerz, [...]

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Episode 10- Waxing Poetic with Prince Paul

After a brief moment to mourn the demise of the [...]

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Episode 9- Black Star and Hidden Gems

This week we take a deep dive on the classic [...]

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Episode 8- Honor the Moniker & Twitter Fingers with guest Zilla Rocca

We debate the best and worst rap names of all [...]

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Episode 7- Scum Bag Rap & 1998

This week we delve into the moral quandary posed by [...]

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Episode 6: Scratching Our Listicles (Misc. Lists of 2017)

Rounding out our best-of-2017 series with some random lists. Nate [...]

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Episode 5- Wack Year/Dope Songs (Songs of the Year)

We're discussing the best songs of the year according to [...]

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Episode 4- 2017 The Year to Live Dangerously (Albums of the Year)

We wrap up the horrible year that was 2017 by [...]

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Episode 3- Who Gives a F#ck About a Cot Damn Grammy?!

Welcome to the Dad Bod Rap Pod. Hosts Demone Carter, [...]

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